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Featured Topics Include...

How To Lose It All And Rebuild Better Than Before

Hitting rock bottom can actually be the launchpad for unexpected heights. In this talk, you will learn about how our guest went from devastating loss to triumphant rebirth and how you can do the same.

You're The Bottleneck! - And How To Fix It

The truth about getting out of the way and building a high-performing team. This teaching session will teach you how to delegate like a boss, prioritize like a pro, and skyrocket your business success.

Flipping The Script On Feeling Like A Fraud

Do you ever feel like a fraud despite your successes? Discover how to quiet the inner critic and practical strategies for silencing those whispers of self doubt and how to move forward with fear.

Staying Ahead Of AI Trends Without Falling Behind

Learn the top AI tools that will support you to cut the hours that you work in half. You'll learn from a true AI guru, who will share their tips to ensuring that you stay ahead of the AI trends.

Find "A Players" And Make Sure They Never Leave You

Discover the keys to creating a company culture where high-performing employees choose to stay. Learn how to attract talent and build a team that surpasses expectations.

End Burnout Now! Tap Into Endless Energy And Motivation

Discover the secrets to conquering burnout and unlocking unparalleled energy and motivation. Leaving burnout behind and discover how to feel recharged and ready to take massive action.

Outsmart Your Competitors With BIGGER Ideas

Unleash your inner innovator and outsmart rivals with BIGGER IDEAS. Create game-changing ideas that are truly revolutionary. Get ready to disrupt, redefine, and innovate!

Predicting The Future During These Changing Times

Dive into the art and science of predicting how our future will unfold in this talk. Learn to shape the future you desire, be the leader to create it, and plan ahead--even in changing times.

Strategic Networking: Get Into The Right Rooms With The Right People

Ready to up-level your network? Get ready to open doors, build powerful connections that fuel your career, and turn your network into a launchpad for success.

Mastermind: Find Your Tribe and 10X Your True Potential

Stop doing it all on your own. It’s time to build your dream team - a mastermind group. Get ready to redefine success, forge lasting connections, and realize your true potential!

Add Predictable Revenue And Stability To Your Business

Ditch the financial rollercoaster and stabilize your business with predictable revenue. Learn proven strategies to identify revenue leaks and to craft a personalized roadmap for sustainable growth.

Protect Yourself (And Business) Against Serious Health Problems

Don't let your health break your business! Discover the truth about the steps to prevent health issues, prioritize well-being, and being proactive so that you and your employees thrive.

Make Your Work Matter And Be Remembered Beyond Your Lifespan

Create your legacy and learn how to leave a lasting impact. Don't let your life fade into the past! Discover how to live life with purpose that resonates far beyond your years.

Getting Clarity To Stay On The Right Path and Show Up Powerfully

Lost in the crossroads of life? This talk reveals proven strategies to break through doubt, cultivate clarity, and learn how to powerfully chose one path to focus on and move forward. Stride towards your true potential with focus.

Find Balance With Your Passions, Creativity And Work Life

Ditch the juggling act of balancing your work and your creative expression. This talk ignites your inner artist, supports you to integrate your passions into your daily routine, and empowers you to create a life of balance.

If You Want Something Done Wrong... KEEP Doing It Yourself!

It's time to debunk the myth of the lone hero and to embrace the transformative power of collaboration. Discover how to unlock diverse perspectives, overcome bias, and build effective teams to achieve remarkable results that transcend individual limitations. 

Break Free From The Prison Of Addictions

Don't let the invisible chains of addiction put a wrench in your success. Discover your path towards true inner freedom and how to break free from the walls of addiction and build a world where nothing holds power over you. 

Get Your Team To ACTUALLY Follow Your SOPs

Tired of your team ignoring guidelines and creating their own rules? Learn how to make SOPs easy to follow, address resistance, and build a culture of compliance. It's time to transform your team so that you have turn-key processes and streamlined opperations.

Ensure Your Clients NEVER Regret Their Investment With You

Never fear another disappointed client again! Uncover strategies to build unwavering trust, go beyond deliverables, and create an invigorating partnership that fosters loyalty and turns clients into lifelong advocates.

Workaholism: Overcome It BEFORE It Destroys You And Those You Love

Don't let workaholism ruin your life. This talk explores the insidious nature of work addiction, equips you with strategies to reclaim balance, and living a life beyond the endless chase of achievement.

Plan Your Business Exit Before You Become A Slave to It

Learn to think and plan ahead before it's too late to exit your business. This talk explores effective exit strategies, highlights diverse paths to financial freedom, and equips you with tools to prepare your business for a smooth transition.

Why The More Money You Make, The Emptier You Feel

Money alone CAN'T fill the void. Discover the stories of those who grappled with this struggle, learn how to break free from the cycle, and find true fulfillment beyond the bank account in a world obsessed with "more."

Stop Being Married To Your Business So You Don't Divorce Your Family

Before your business steals your family, take a stand! The nature of workaholism creeps up on people before they realize. Equip yourself with strategies to reclaim balance, and nurtures family connections, and live a life rich in passion and purpose.

Disruptor In Your Industry Before Your Competitors DISRUPT You

BE the trend setter and be the one who moves first! Learn how to think in an innovate way and how to ignite a revolution of creativity that will leave your competitors reeling and propel your organization to the forefront of your industry.

Releasing Shiny Object Syndrome And Building A Sustainable Empire

The bigger you grow, the more "shiny objects," distractions, and opportunities will come your way. Learn how to say "yes" to the RIGHT things that will move profit forward, be laser focused, and reclaim the time on your schedule.

How to Change Major Setbacks & Challenges Into Opportunities To Rebuild and Thrive

What if you could not only rebuild, but rise stronger than ever before? You're never fully starting from scratch. Learn how to build resilience and the skills to rebuild your business better than before no matter what comes your way.

Rebuild Trust In Your Brand After A Reputation Hit (Without Changing Your Name)

Clients tarnishing your reputation? Don't despair! Learn authentic strategies to rebuild trust, and emerge from the shadows, shining brighter than ever under your own name. Make a positive impact and learn to reclaim your brand's place in the light.

Saying Sorry: Why the Apology Reflex Blocks Your Confidence

You must first BE the confident person to then DO the inspiring things and then HAVE the wealth that you want. Discover how to build resilience and confidence and  how to replace "sorry" with self-worth, silence the inner critic, and radiate the authentic, assertive you!

Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract Your Ideal Client

Become a client attraction machine! Discover the secrets to attracting your ideal client with rather than feeling like you're always the one searching for them. It's time to learn the client attraction secrets that make you a name worth knowing in your industry.

Reignite Your Passion And Find Your Inspiration

Losing your passion for your business? Reignite your passion, embrace new avenues of inspiration, and learn how to never get bored of your business or your mission. Get ready to learn the strategies needed so that your business always feels new and exciting.

Cultivating Top Talent Through Leadership And Mentoring

Creating your dream team doesn't have to be hard. What if you could powerfully mentor and lead anyone and shape them into your dream employee? Uplevel your leadership, learn to unlock potential, and watch your team rise to brilliance.

The Difference Between Building Wealth Vs Getting Rich

Change your mindset to go from "getting rich quick" to "building sustainable wealth." Everything that you sell in your business should be created by thinking of the end in mind. Discover how to build a sustainable business that sets you up with recurring revenue.

Charge What You're Worth: Look 'em in The Eye. Pitch 'em High... And Watch Them Buy

Craft an irresistible value proposition and watch your clients say "yes"! This talk equips you with powerful strategies to overcome pricing fears, unleash your confidence, command your worth, and pitch like a pro.

Create a Movement Through an EPIC Company Culture

Learn how to create a movement where employees thrive and success in the company is created from an EPIC company culture where engagement, passion, innovation and collaboration are encouraged.
We've Left Nothing Out Of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  
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Meet Your Summit Host - Adrienne Rivera
Adrienne Rivera, the founder of Breath of Gold, is a lead Breathwork Trainer & Business Coach. Adrienne brings her strengths for coaching business, abundance, and prosperity to her guided breathwork journeys. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners to support them by using the tool of breathwork to take their business and life to the next level.

Adrienne is also a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of the “12 Week Breath of Gold Journal,” she travels the world leading leadership & breathwork retreats. Adrienne’s strong intuitive abilities and energy support her curating incredible breathwork experiences for her clients. Her clients have said things such as, “It felt like 9 years of therapy in one session,” and statements such as “I’ve never gotten so much clarity in my entire life on my next steps.” Breathwork is the most powerful healing tool that Adrienne has ever come across, and she has a passion for sharing breath (a tool that we all have inside of us) with others. Her breathwork journeys are life-changing experiences that will shift the way you think, support you in letting go of limiting beliefs, and help you gain clarity on your next steps.
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When you become an affiliate, we supply you with a range of social media graphics & email swipe copy that you can use to promote the events you are interested in. Each affiliate is provided with a unique link that is tracked by our affiliate team. Commissions are earned for each sale that comes in through your unique link!
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Summit Sponsorship Opportunities
Put Your Product, Service Or Brand In Front Of Engaged And Motivated New Customers Now!
The highly anticipated virtual Mastermind Formula kicks off September 9th, 2024 with the goal of bringing the world’s best marketers and strategic thinkers together for a blockbuster virtual event.

Featured innovators will be discussing what’s working now in the fields of Personal Development, Delegation & Outsourcing, Health & Wellness, Spirituality, Networking, Disrupting Industries and so much more!
If you're not appearing, you're disappearing!
FIVE convenient sponsorship options designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
A cost-effective option for brands looking to gain visibility and connect within the Mastermind Formula community.  
Per Lead Payout Program: Earn $1 per free registration* that you send to the summit from your email list.
Virtual Exhibit Hall Booth: Engage attendees with a 3-10 minute video presentation, offering a digital touchpoint for potential clients.
For brands aiming for amplified visibility and deeper engagement with the Mastermind Formula audience.  
Everything in the Bronze package
Brand Visibility: Feature your logo prominently on the Registration, VIP Offer, and Daily Pages, increasing brand recall among attendees.
Sponsored Email Placement: Cement your brand's presence with a spot in the post-event newsletter, reaching 50k+ attendees directly in their inboxes.
premium choice for brands seeking presence and maximized interaction with the Mastermind Formula community.  
Everything in the Bronze and Silver
VIP Members Area Bonus: Gain an edge by offering a bonus in the highly-visited VIP Members Area (Perfect for lead generation).
Dedicated Email Reach: Stand out with 1 dedicated email to the full Summit list post-event, ensuring direct and personalized engagement with attendees.
Everything in the Bronze, Silver & Gold
Exclusive "Sponsored" Session: Own a dedicated presentation slot during the Summit, ensuring focused attention from the audience.
Post-Event Online Masterclass/Webinar: Further engage attendees by offering valuable insights through an online masterclass or webinar after the summit. (+ 2 extra emails to the list!)
Direct Email Engagement: Send 2 personalized emails to the entire Summit list post-event, strengthening brand recall and engagement.

If you want your branding to be at the CENTER of the event then this is the sponsorship for you! Perfect for sponsors aiming for unparalleled visibility and impact.
Everything in Platinum
Double the Insight: Offer two valuable post-event online masterclasses/webinars, further reinforcing your brand's expertise and authority.
Branded Video Sign-Off: Gain lasting impressions with a "Sponsored By" placement at the end of summit videos.
Exclusive Live Engagement: Host a "Sponsored" Live Zoom "Happy Hour" session for 90 minutes, allowing for real-time interaction and deeper connections with the audience.  
Breakdown of Sponsorship Benefits
Effective and convenient sponsorship benefits designed to get your brand maximum exposure and leverage through the power of our virtual event platform. 
Virtual Exhibit Hall
Your company is no longer limited to a geographic area to showcase your products and services. Our Virtual Exhibit Hall gives sponsors the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience of market leaders and innovators 24/7 without the need for travel, hotel stays and limited foot traffic. Each exhibitor/sponsor gets the opportunity to create a 3-10 minute video demonstration that would emulate the experience at a real live expo event. You can educate, share and sell your company’s products without expensive booths, staffing, and time away from work!
Brand Logo Display
Brand recognition is a key component to executing a proper marketing plan. Silver and above sponsors will receive key visibility on all trafficked summit pages. Attendees will build trust as your brand is associated with the incredibly valuable strategies and solutions shared throughout the event. Having your brand alongside the names and pictures of industry leaders will help secure your place as a relevant and future forward company who is leading the way.
Sponsored Email
After the event promotion window has ended, we will be sending all registered attendees a special newsletter that showcases our sponsors brand, products and services. Contact info including website URL and other key data points will be included in order to facilitate easy communication and sales conversations where applicable. 
VIP Bonus
Gold and above sponsors will have the opportunity to include a special bonus in our VIP Pass members area. This bonus can also be an opt-in gift to collect contact name and email address from the attendee in order to receive the bonus. Great bonuses can include, but are not limited to: special reports, ebooks, software, templates, calculators, SOPs, courses, demo products, strategy calls, checklists, cheatsheets, discounts, free+shipping offers and more!
Per Lead Payout Program
How often do you get the opportunity to earn your sponsorship investment back? All sponsors are given a unique link (tracked) to share with others who would also like to attend the events. We provide a Per Lead Payout Program as stipulated in the graphic below. On average, 10% of your referrals will upgrade and you’ll earn between $1 - $3 per lead based on which tier you achieve* - which adds up fast!
Dedicated Email
Forget overpriced “SWAG '' bags, brochures and trinkets that never get looked at… stop throwing your marketing dollars always on promo product gimmicks that simply don’t work. Gold and above sponsors will receive 1, 2 or 3 dedicated email sends to our ENTIRE summit registration list post event. This is the perfect time to connect with the attendees and make an offer to them without the distractions of any other sponsor. Send them a link to your website, product listings, demo pages, sales call sign up page and more!
Sponsored Presentation
Platinum and Titanium sponsors will have the opportunity to be interviewed as a presenter in the summit. This coveted placement will add thought leadership and create a sense of reciprocity in the mind of the attendees. We don’t allow those we interview to pitch or sell in the interview, however, sponsors can make a soft offer that delivers value in this special sponsored presentation.
Online Webinar
We will be hosting a series of masterclasses and webinars following the summit event to educate, showcase and sell the products and services of our sponsors. Imagine having the full attention of the masterclass audience where you can take them on a deep dive of your latest endeavor or innovation while creating sales and buzz in the process.
Sponsored Happy Hour
Reserved for our Titanium sponsors only, we will be hosting a series of live “Happy Hour” sessions each day of the three day event. This unique live interaction and networking opportunity is our way of emulating the after hours bar experience where many of the biggest deals get done at live events. Our sponsor(s) each day will be given the floor to share innovations, ideas and connect with attendees in an interactive experience.
"Sponsored By" Placement
Titanium sponsored brands will be displayed at the end of each video session giving the maximum amount of exposure before, during and after the summit. Your brand will be visible to all attendees from the first play and every replay of the summit sessions. It’s like being a name sponsor for the event.
Per Lead Payout Program
$1.00 Per Lead = 0-499 Opt Ins/Registrants
$1.25 Per Lead = 500-999 Opt Ins/Registrants
$1.50 Per Lead = 1,000-1,499 Opt Ins/Registrants
$1.75 Per Lead = 1,500-1,999 Opt Ins/Registrants
$2.00 Per Lead = 2,000-2,499 Opt Ins/Registrants
$2.25 Per Lead = 2,500-2,999 Opt Ins/Registrants
$2.50 Per Lead = 3,000-3,499 Opt Ins/Registrants
$2.75 Per Lead = 3,500-3,999 Opt Ins/Registrants
$3.00 Per Lead = 4,000+ Opt Ins/Registrants
*In Order To Qualify for $1-$3, Your Leads Must Convert At The Average Of Other Affiliates Or Your Commission Structure Will Be Revert to 50% Of The VIP Pass Sales
Interested in becoming a sponsor at one of our events?
Contact Our Sponsorship Team

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Want To Speak On The Summit?
Get in front of the right audience so you can build your list and sell your programs.
Speaker Benefits:
We're anticipating over 10,000 attendees! That's equivalent to speaking in front of a packed arena of your ideal customers.
Earn $1 per free registration* that you send to the summit from your email list.
Don't have a list or can't promote...? No problem! Become a speaker/sponsor and get a dedicated email send to the entire summit list, post-event.
Include a bonus in our VIP package and reach our buyer's list long after the summit is over. 
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